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Since 1997, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS, INC. (“EDC”) has assisted businesses in securing Enterprise Zone tax credits, refunds and other incentive programs.  

We find opportunities for our clients.  We have found through our clients, that they do not have the time to determine if there are opportunities for their business, what they are, how to get them or the resources to obtain them and meet the deadlines.

EDC researches a company’s eligibility and compiles the information necessary for the program, plus prepares and submits all of the applications and documentation to support the application.  In addition, we follow through with the various government agencies until the process is completed and the refund, credit or incentive(s) are obtained.  EDC handles negotiating through the maze of government agencies, prepares the paperwork and tracks and meets deadlines.

Specializing in the Enterprise Zone program for ten years, EDC stays current on  legislative changes, and are well versed on  the program, its pitfalls and opportunities.  This translates into greater benefits for our clients. We have  obtained benefits ranging from $500 to over $1,000,000 for our clients, with  amounts determined by the value of the property, size of the business, capital investment and employee size.

EDC meets with prospective clients, at no cost, in order to determine their eligibility and estimate the potential benefits and incentives.  Fees are paid on a contingency basis at the time our clients receive the tax refund, credit or abatement.  It’s a win/win situation.

EDC makes it easy.  EDC is the solution.

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Enterprise Zone Program

Businesses meeting the various Enterprise Zone criteria are automatically entitled, provided they apply and meet the deadlines. 

Business Equipment Sales or Use Tax Refunds
Refund of sales or use taxes paid on eligible equipment.

Florida Job Creation Sales or Corporate Income Tax Credits
Tax credit for hiring new employees who live in an Enterprise Zone.

Building Materials Sales Tax Refund
Refund of sales taxes paid on building materials.

Property Tax Credit
Tax credit for property taxes.

Additional Individual County Incentives
Varies by County.

Florida Enterprise Zones
Area listing and maps.

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