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Property owners and/or tenants may be eligible to receive substantial tax refunds and credits. 

The Florida Legislature enacted the Florida Enterprise Zone Act in order to provide the private sector with financial incentives to invest in distressed areas, called "Enterprise Zones. Currently, there are over fifty Enterprise Zone areas in the State of Florida.

The Enterprise Zone benefit areas include:

Business Equipment Sales or Use Tax Refunds Property Tax Credit
Florida Job Creation Sales or Corporate Income Tax Credits Additional Individual County Incentives
Building Materials Sales Tax Refunds    

Businesses meeting the various Enterprise Zone criteria are automatically entitled provided they apply and meet the deadlines.  Due to governmental requirements, there are strict and immediate deadlines in which to file applications; otherwise, these benefits can be lost permanently.   Failure to timely file will result in the loss of such refund.  

Improve Your Bottom Line

The Enterprise Zone Tax Incentives are refunds and credits,  which are reflected immediately to your bottom line.  Benefits not applied for or taken, are missed opportunities and unnecessary dollars lost.

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